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Types of care and support

What's available?

As you get older or if your health and wellbeing starts to decline, you are advised to start thinking about the housing needs you may have and the care and support you may need. 

There are many types of accommodation and housing options that can offer you the care and support you might need. These include:

If you are able to stay at home, you may also like to consider:  

If you are in need of short term care after being in hospital, then you may be able to have: 

If you are a carer and are in need of a break, then you may want to consider: 


Staffordshire care choices directory

The directory gives you all the information you need to start looking for care services near you. There’s guidance on types of care in the home, different sorts of care homes, and council payments towards the cost of care.


Will I have to pay?

Care and support without charges

Some types of care and support do not incur a charge.

This includes intermediate care. This is where you need help to recover after being in hospital. This type of care is short-term. It is when you don't need to be in hospital any longer. It can be in your own home or in a residential home. The care lasts for up to 6 weeks. 

Care and support with charges

Other types of care and support do cost and if you would like assistance with paying for care services, such as home care or day care you'll need an assessment

The funding the cost of care and support page covers when you may have to contribute towards the cost and where you can get some independent financial advice.


What other ways can I support myself?

There are other ways you can help yourself or someone you care for to continue to live independently.

This might include:


End of life care

If you or someone you care for is nearing or planning for their death, the end of life care page can help you.

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