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Falls prevention


Anyone can fall at any time. A fall may follow a simple slip or trip, or it may be as a result of a medical condition.

Take this simple test to work out if you are at risk of falling. 

Age UK also have a useful video that you can watch to help you reduce your risk of falling.


Falls prevention exercises

This video shows some simple exercises you can do to help prevent falls.


  1. Ask your GP to review your medications and ask about the side effects.
  2. To prevent you from falling again or to reduce your risk of having a fall, your GP may recommend that you get support from a falls prevention team. You can find details of these services on Staffordshire Connects.
  3. Have your eyesight and hearing checked annually. Vision and hearing play a vital role in balance and movement.
  4. Keep your bones healthy by increasing your calcium and vitamin D intake from dairy products, boney canned fish and sunlight.
  5. Ensure your home is well lit especially on the stairs and corridors: turn on a light when getting out of bed at night. Print out and use the home safety checklist below to identify common hazards in your home.
    PDF Document Home safety checklist (154 KB)
  6. If possible keep items in easy reach to avoid climbing, bending and stretching. Ensure your shoes and slippers fit well and have your toe nails cut regularly.
  7. Stay hydrated. Dehydration can cause you to feel more sleepy, unsteady on your feet and more mean you are more likely to suffer from falls.
  8. Keep active. The NHS has information on healthy lifestyles as well as a list of simple changes to your lifestyle. You can also use the Health and Wellbeing Planner to find out ways to keep active across Staffordshire.
  9. Wear your personal alarm or consider purchasing one if you don’t have one. Telecare is simple technology that can make things easier around the home. For example, a bed or chair sensor can detect if you’ve got up but haven’t returned in a set time, and automatically send an alert to a carer or call centre.
  10. Consider handrail on the stairs, external doorways and in your bathroom.

If you need some simple aids and home adaptations, the Staffordshire Connects equipment catalogue has a wide range to choose from, compare prices on and purchase online. For further information, see the equipment and technology pages.


What should I do if I fall?

The NHS gives guidance about what to do if you or someone you know has a fall.

If you have a fall do not ignore it, let your GP know. Many underlying causes of falls can be treated or corrected.


Me and my fall detector

This video shows the benefits of using a fall detector from a number of people's personal experiences.

Transcript: PDF Document Me and my fall detector transcript (427 KB)


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