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Frequently asked questions

A guide to adult social care in Staffordshire


You will talk to a member of our Staffordshire Cares team who will see if they can solve your problem easily. They will explore what your family and friends can do to help you. They will also help you to understand what help is available in your local community.

Where necessary you will be referred to a social care team for an assessment of your care and support needs. We aim to carry out assessments within 28 days. We may have to prioritise and some people may have to wait longer.

A social care practitioner or social care assessor will contact you and arrange a phone call or a visit.


You will be assessed as to whether you are eligible for any reablement support. If you do, this will be offered for a maximum of 6 weeks. You will then be reassessed to determine whether you are eligible for ongoing care and support.


You may also be eligible for some free equipment to help you. You may also be able to benefit from modifications to your home in which case you will be referred to your district or borough council.


Most people have to pay something for their ongoing care and support. Many people have to pay the full cost.

Your financial circumstances will be assessed to see how much you need to contribute. Further information is set out in our charging policy.

If you are responsible for paying for the full cost of your care and want us to arrange the care for you, we will charge you for this service.

Whilst you may be asked to pay for your social care, NHS care is free. If your social care practitioner or social care assessor identifies you may be entitled to free health care we will ask our NHS colleagues to complete a health assessment.


Once you have finished your hospital treatment we want to help you leave hospital as quickly as possible.

Most people who are discharged from hospital can return home with no ongoing support, or just follow up from their GP if necessary.

If you need ongoing care and support we will try and get you home wherever possible, either with some interim therapy and/or support whilst you recover, or with an ongoing arrangement.

If we can’t get you home safely then we will need to find you a community care bed. This may be temporary for a few weeks or it may become your permanent residence.

Once we offer you care and support, we may ask you to make a swift decision about the care offered to avoid any delays in leaving hospital.


If you are eligible for care and support, a social care practitioner or social care assessor will set this out on a support plan and calculate the likely cost to produce a personal budget.

You can take this as a direct payment, which means that this money, minus your own contribution, is transferred onto a prepaid card for you to spend on buying your own care.

Alternatively, you can ask us to arrange your care. We will search for a care provider who will be able to meet your assessed needs. We aim to find care within 28 days depending on how urgent your needs are, and some people may have to wait longer.

If you need care in your own home, we will offer you the first agency that can meet your needs. We may not be able to offer home care calls at exactly the times you prefer.

If you need a residential or nursing home, we will offer you a home or homes that can meet your needs. We will try to find somewhere close to where you live but this may not be possible.

If you would like to choose a different and more expensive home, you or someone else will need to pay the difference. We will need to check whether this arrangement is affordable for your family and can be maintained for the duration of your stay. This is in addition to your contribution towards the cost of your care.

If you own property, and you will be going into a residential or nursing home, the value of this will be taken into account when calculating your contribution to your care. Financial help may be provided while you sell your property.

After your package of care is in place, your social care practitioner or social care assessor will carry out a review to ensure that your care needs are being met.


A social care practitioner or social care assessor will assess your needs and explore what your family, friends and local community can do to help you. 

They will assess your eligibility for care in line with the criteria set out in the Care Act 2014

If you are a carer for a friend or family member you can request an assessment too. You don’t need the permission of the person you care for to apply for an assessment. 

If you are eligible for care and support, a social care practitioner or social care assessor will also explore how your needs can best be met including how your own family and neighbours may be able to help you.

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