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Reviewing your care and support

Once your care needs have been assessed and a care and support plan is in place we have a duty under section 27 of the Care Act 2014 for this care and support plan to be kept under review.

What is a review?

Once care and support is provided, it must be checked or reviewed regularly to confirm that it is appropriate and safe, that there haven’t been any changes in your needs. This process is an ongoing one and ensures that care and support plans are kept up to date and relevant to the person’s needs and aspirations.

It is expected that reviews are carried out no later than every 12 months and a ‘light touch’ review at 6 to 8 weeks after a new or revised care or support plan is put in place.

A review may also be triggered by the local authority, by a crisis, or by a ‘reasonable request’ from an adult or carer. A reasonable request will usually be one that is prompted by a material change in your health or other circumstances that may affect the level of care or support you need.

If we are satisfied that your circumstances have changed in a way that affects significantly the existing care or support plan, then it must undertake a reassessment.

What will a review involve?

The review should be a positive opportunity to take stock and consider if the plan is helping the person to meet their needs. It will cover these broad elements:

  • Have the person’s circumstances and/or care and support or support needs changed?
  • What is working in the plan, what is not working, and what might need to change?
  • Have the outcomes identified in the plan been achieved or not?
  • Could improvements be made?
  • Is the person’s personal budget enabling them to meet their needs and the outcomes identified in their plan?
  • Is the current method of managing it still the best one for what they want to achieve or should direct payments be considered?
  • Are there any changes in the person’s informal and community support networks which might impact negatively or positively on the plan?
  • Is the person, carer, independent advocate satisfied with the plan?

Who do I contact to request a review?

For more information on the reviews and if you already have the phone number for the appropriate community wellbeing team or worker then you should call directly.

If you are in doubt of who to talk to please contact our Staffordshire Cares team.

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