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Care and support plans overview

What is a care and support plan?

This is a document that sets out how your needs will be met. 

It shows what you want to achieve and how your support will be organised. Your social care contact can help you create your plan and friends and family can help, too.

It can be as detailed as you wish. They vary from something short and simple to an in-depth document.

Once we have decided to provide or arrange help for you, we draw up a care and support plan with you and give you a copy. Through the writing of your care and support plan you will be more in control of decisions that affect you.

You may also want someone independent to help speak for you when discussing your plans. If you qualify for support, we will help you to find an advocate for you.


What is it for?

It should put you at the centre. It will talk about:

  • How you would like to be supported.
  • How and by whom.
  • What is important to you including people, places and routines.

If you are eligible for financial support it should also consider how you want to spend your personal budget.


What will be considered within the plan?

It will use the information from your assessment such as:

  • Your needs.

  • What is important to you and your family.

  • How best to meet your needs.

  • What you want to achieve.

  • What you can do yourself.

  • Whether you have support already in place.

  • What types of care and support might be available to help you.


What happens after I have agreed my plan?

You will then begin to receive the help you need.

Your social care contact will check regularly to make sure you are happy with your support. This will include discussing any changes to your assessed needs. 


How often is it reviewed?

Your plan will be reviewed after 6 to 8 weeks. After that, they are usually reviewed annually, but this can vary.

If you think your needs have changed, you can also request a review at any time.


What do I do if my circumstances change?

If anything changes in terms of your needs or financial situation, you must tell your social care contact immediately.

If you are unsure of who to contact, please contact us.


What do I do if I’m not happy with my support plan or want to change it?

If your needs have changed, or you don’t think the care and support detailed in your plan is helping you achieve your outcomes, you can ask for a review of your plan.

Depending on the reason for the review you may need to be re-assessed and, if your needs or circumstances have changed significantly, a new care and support plan will need to be drawn up.

If you only want to change providers, the types or service you use or how you arrange and pay for care and support, this can be discussed with the person who drew up the care plan. They can agree any changes and help you arrange alternative care and support.


Further information

Please see the adult social care FAQ.

NHS Choices also have more guidance on care and support plans.


Contact us

If you need any further advice, please contact our Staffordshire Cares team.


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