A to Z

Recycling and Waste

We provide Staffordshire's 14 household waste recycling centres across the county and work to make it easy for you to recycle an increasingly wide range of materials.

Registration, Births, Deaths & Marriages

Information about all services provided by the registration offices of Staffordshire.

Renew your library loans

You will need to log in with your library card number and PIN to renew items.

Request assessment

Information about how to request a care assessment for an elderly relative, and how to use the self-assessment tool.

Residential and nursing care homes

Information about deciding what type of care and support will suit your needs, and which type of care home would benefit you the most.

Rights of Way

Information about walks, cycling, and equestrian access to public rights of way. Anyone can use public rights of way to legally cross someone else's land.

Road Improvement Schemes

See our work on resurfacing roads, improving footpaths, and other road improvements.

Road Safety

We provide education, training and publicity aimed at reducing the number of people who are killed or seriously injured on Staffordshire's roads.

Road Works

Information on roadworks in Staffordshire, including details of county improvements and road works by the utility companies.

Roads and highways

Information about how to report a highways problem, access road works information and get licences and permits.

Roads and Transport

We help you get from A to B by making sure that all forms of transport across Staffordshire work together.

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