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A to Z


Radon is a naturally occurring gas that is present in the air we breathe. It is produced by uranium which is contained in all bricks, soil and rocks.

Records Management

Effective management of school records and data is vitally important.

Recruitment, Selection and Safeguarding

Information and guidance on the recruitment, selection and safeguarding policies.

Recycling centres (tips)

You can find your nearest recycling centre by using this postcode search.

Registration, Births, Deaths & Marriages

Information about all services provided by the registration offices of Staffordshire.


Reprographics Job Profiles

Request and access information

Freedom of Information (FOI) and Data Protection requests are managed by the Information Governance Unit. The team addresses the creation, management, access, privacy and security of information within the county council.

Request assessment

Information about how to request a care assessment for an elderly relative, and how to use the self-assessment tool.

Residential and nursing care homes

Information about deciding what type of care and support will suit your needs, and which type of care home would benefit you the most.

Residential School Support Staff

Residential School Support Staff Job Profiles.

Residential Special School Care, Support and Development Job Profiles

Residential Special School Care, Support and Development job profiles.

Resources for Parents and Proffesionals

Resources for parents, carers and professionals for children with Special Educational Needs.

Resources: Education and Learning

This page shows different resources available for education and learning

Responsive Services

Information on how to report a concern for a child.

Restrictive Physical Intervention

Some staff work with service users and pupils who display complex behaviours that can be challenging to the safety of the individual, other service users/pupils, members of the public and the staff supporting them.

Retention of Health and Safety Records

There are a number of reasons why health and safety records must be retained.

Rights of Way

Information about walks, cycling, and equestrian access to public rights of way. Anyone can use public rights of way to legally cross someone else's land.

Risk Assessment

Information about health and safety risk assessments.

Risk Assessment Examples

A set of Example Risk Assessments are available for schools.

Risk Assessment Policy and Procedures

Risk assessment is an important tool in protecting employees and members of the public.

Risk Management

Guidance on risk management measures.

Risk Management - delivering projects

Information on managing risks when delivering projects.

Risk Management - ICT Equipment

Considerations to reduce risk with ICT equipment.

Risk Management Measures

Measures to prevent or minimise the effects of vandalism attacks during the school holidays.

Road Improvement Schemes

See our work on resurfacing roads, improving footpaths, and other road improvements.

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