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A to Z


Reduce: Why not try reusable nappies to help reduce the 2.9 billion disposable nappies that are being disposed of each year in the UK. There are environmental and health benefits as well as the possibility of saving £800!

Disposal: Nappies can't be recycled. Put them in with your general waste, please don't put them in your recycle bin. They will be burnt along with other waste to generate electricity which goes into the National Grid. Any recycling advice on the pack is only for the packaging, not the nappies. Any paper and cardboard in your pack of new nappies can be recycled. And that's all. Please do not recycle the nappies, plastic film or any polystyrene packaging.

Nature and Wildlife Conservation

Biodiversity is vital to our wellbeing and key to the quality of life in Staffordshire. A healthy environment is also central to the economic prosperity and the county's desirability as a place to live, work and visit.

Newcastle Recycling Centre

Leycett Lane, Newcastle, ST5 6AD. Find out what types of recycling and waste are accepted here, the opening hours, and more.

Nursery Age Admissions

Information on admission to nursery schools and other nursery aged settings.

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