The Role of the Council

The Full Council is made up of 62 Elected Councillors or Members. 

Full Council meetings are held at least six times a year and the public are usually able to attend.

The Chairman of the County Council is Ian Lawson.

The Full Council is responsible for agreeing the County Council's budget and setting Council Tax.  It also agrees the major policies that set out the County Council's overall approach to service delivery.

Legislation prescribes that the Full Council must agree the following plans as part of the overall policy framework:

  • Annual Library Plan
  • Children and Young People's Plan
  • Strategic Plan 
  • Sustainable Community Strategy
  • Crime and Disorder Reduction Strategies
  • Development Plan documents contained in the Minerals and Waste Development Framework
  • Local Transport Plan
  • Youth Justice Plan

The Council may, from time to time, decide to add other plans and strategies to this list.

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