The cost of processing freedom of information requests

Council statement

Over the past few years, we have ensured that we are as open and transparent as possible in serving the county's population. Part of that is the way we deal with Freedom of Information (FOI) requests, however, each FOI request incurs a cost.

Often the FOI process is used by some commercial organisations to save time and research costs. We think this is a wrongful use as the information requested is already freely available publicly. The same applies to a growing number of FOI requests from the media. This can save companies and the press money by, for example, reducing research costs but only at a significant cost to the authority which is unfair to Staffordshire tax payers.

Whilst FOI legislation makes it difficult to avoid these requests, we believe it is right to publish more information on the cost to council tax payers. We are also more transparent in illustrating, in an appropriate way, where FOI requests are coming from and the associated cost to Staffordshire council tax payers.

Cost of processing FOI requests


PDF Document Cost of FOI 2016 (27 KB)

 Cost of FOI 2016 (13 KB)


PDF Document Cost of FOI 2015 (28 KB)

 Cost of FOI 2015 (13 KB)

Help us reduce costs

You can help us reduce the cost of processing access to information requests by checking the following before you make a request:

  • Is the information already published? - Details of information we routinely publish and the types of information we hold are contained in our Publication Scheme.
  • Has the information already been asked for and made available - We publish details about what we have been asked for together with the information we released.

Request information

If you think we hold the information you want but we do not appear to publish it you can request council information.

Your rights

Information Commissioner’s Office website provides guidance about your access to information rights 

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