Transport Planning

Staffordshire County Council is at the heart of bringing a host of partners together to deliver a transport network which serves the needs of people today and into the future.

It's all about working towards integration, ensuring that every aspect of our transport infrastructure operates in harmony to support a thriving economy and environment.

The drive is on to improve public transport, the highway network, walking and cycling facilities and information provision, giving people greater choice and opportunity in making their travel choices. 

One of our main responsibilities is to produce the Statutory Local Transport Plan| which sets out the Council's strategy for transport. This document is the key to our thinking on transport integration in the future.  

The Local Transport Plan covers all aspects of transport such as walking, cycling, public transport as well as proposed road building and improvements to existing roads and bridges.

A third Local Transport Plan covering the period April 2011 onwards was submitted to the Department for Transport in March 2011.

The County Council also assesses the impact of development proposals (new housing and industrial development and other land use plans) on the transport network. 

For further information on this area go to Transport Development Control|. The team works to integrate their work with that of District and Borough Councils to create a clear vision how we plan future development and land use in Staffordshire.

The plan also integrates into the regional and national picture. 

Clive Thomson
Commissioner fo Transport and the Connected County
Tel: 01785 276522

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