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Rugeley Improvements

What’s being proposed?

The Rugeley Public Realm seeks to provide an attractive pedestrian environment linking between the town centre and the rail station. It is predominantly focussed on Horse Fair between the Globe Island and the junction with Wharf Road and looks to encourage sustainable travel, increased rail patronage, reducing severance issues and supporting the economic regeneration of the town centre area. In summary the proposal consists of:-

  • The reduction of Horse Fair from a dual-carriageway to a single carriageway with an on-road cycle lane.
  • The removal of the traffic signals at Horse Fair / St Paul’s junction and replacement with a roundabout.
  • The removal of the traffic signals at the railway arches and replacement with a roundabout.
  • The closure of the subway at the railway arches and widened footways beneath the arch.
  • Reconstructed footways and increased soft landscaping.

What will it mean for the area?

Unfortunately as with any major highways improvement scheme, some disruption is inevitable. However, the contractor will phase the work to minimise any adverse effects.

Horse Fair will not be closed at any point during construction. A single lane carriageway along Horse Fair shall be maintained throughout the project.

How long with the works take?

A detailed construction programme cannot be determined until the design proposal is concluded, however, it is likely to take at least four months to build, given the traffic constraints and the proposed phasing to reduce any impact on local businesses.

Proposed timescales if works go ahead

Work on the improvements started in autumn 2013. At the moment the project is due to be completed by July 2014.

Key dates

  • Work on phase 2 of the improvements to start January 2014
  • Rugeley Carnival 07/06/2014
  • Rugeley Public Realm completion date July 2014



For more information please e-mail| or call the Highways hotline on 0300 111 8000. 

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