Vehicle Access Crossings (Dropped Kerbs)


A necessary part of managing the highway network is allowing people the ability to provide an access that allows for a vehicle to be moved across the highway into and out of private land. These can be to private properties or business premises which can affect the scale and construction type of the access whether permanent or temporary.

The majority of accesses are required for domestic properties but some accesses can arise through development activities and relate to planning permission. In some cases, domestic accesses can also require planning permission.

It is not a right to have a vehicle access onto the highway and in some cases, requests are refused on the grounds of highway safety where the highway authority must apply its duty to maintain safe and unobstructed passage to highway users.

The licence to construct a vehicle access crossing is valid for 3 years where approved (subject to the activity permit), however once constructed the approval for the access is attached to the property in question and transferable to a new owner where the property or land is sold. Prospective property buyers should ensure that they are aware of any potential licences attached to the land or property and that a constructed access crossing has been approved by the Highway Authority, proof of which should be available from the owner via searches by a legal representative.

The Highway Authority may take enforcement action where a crossing has been installed illegally and may instruct that the highway is returned to its former condition. Such an instruction would be given to the owner whether or not this is the same person(s) who carried out the work.

The construction and subsequent use of the vehicle crossing does not give the occupier of the premises any particular rights except to drive across the highway to gain access to a property.

The works and reinstatement are guaranteed by the approval holder for 2 years and all remedials will be made within specified timescales as notified by the highway authority at the approval holder's cost. At the end of the guarantee period, the maintenance of the crossing reverts back to the highway authority but at all times, the crossing remains part of the public highway.


A separate information pack detailing specific criteria and conditions covers access crossings and must be read and fully understood before the approval is sought.... 

word doc. Vehicle Access Crossing Information Pack| (1.92 MB)

Please note: a vehicle access crossing application is for the purpose of gaining legal approval for an access onto the highway but the actual works required to construct the crossing must be approved prior under a Temporary Excavations (Permit to Dig|) approval.

How to apply

Complete the Word DocumentVehicle Access Crossing Application Form| (1.92 MB) - contained within the Vehicle Access Crossing Information Pack

Time Required to Process

Initial receipt of application made within 5 working days.  We aim to process within 15 clear working days (for licence only, this does not include 'Permit to Dig' process time)


£110 which is non-refundable and payable on application 

Further information and guidance

For further information and guidance please contact the Network Management Team for advice on 0300 111 8000.


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