Concessionary and free bus passes

At a time when bus services elsewhere are coming under threat, Staffordshire is working hard to become the national leader in getting people back on the buses. 

Older or disabled residents

We are making sure that Staffordshire's older or disabled residents| can get free bus travel.

And anyone who is eligible for a pass but who can't travel unassisted may also be able to get a 'companion pass' which will allow their carer to travel free within the Staffordshire County Council administrative area.

Young people

For the under twenties we have introduced the 'Your Staffordshire Card'|.  This lets eligible young people travel anywhere within the counci'ls boundary for just £1 per single journey.

And as a bonus, many Staffordshire businesses are now making great offers for card holders|.

Any Questions?

Can't find what you're looking for? Email your question to| or call 0300 111 8000.

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