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10 January - 8 March 2015

This show is full of different kinds of ‘scapes - landscapes, seascapes, cityscapes and nightscapes The exhibition is a broad-ranging look at the outside world  through the eyes of selected contemporary artists. Places matter, we love to travel near and far. Here we see artists inspired by personal journeys into their chosen worlds and sharing their reactions and experiences.

Selected artists include: John Thirlwall, David Brammeld, Lisa Henderson, Noel Bennett, Michael Leigh and Angela Maloney.

Drawings, paintings, prints, photographs and textiles are amongst the artworks included in these fascinating and diverse responses.


Exhibition & Events Programme

PDF DocumentExhibitions & Events Nov-May 2015| (2.21mb)

For further information about the Shire Hall Gallery exhibition programme contact the Exhibitions Officer Kim Gould on 01785 278345, or email|


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