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''"As part of the Arts Service team at Staffordshire, we are responsible for the development and delivery of the County Council's Arts Policy with a key aim to provide opportunities for people to access, enjoy and benefit from a range of learning, recreational and cultural activities.

The principal role of an Arts Service is to deal with  a wide variety of arts related issues at many different levels.

This includes arts management such as the development of policy, strategies, consultation, and fund-raising, as well as a range of practical projects working with local groups, individuals, and partnerships with other authorities, arts organisations, artists, individuals and groups across the region.

Our work is underlined by several simple principles: quality and excellence, access and accessibility, diversity, and widening participation.

We run an annual Community Arts Fund| which helps fund arts activities that benefit the community and help to make arts accessible to everyone.

''"For more information on what we do, please browse our current projects in the menu. 

Arts Development Team

Owen Hurcome, County Arts Officer
Tel: 01785 278339

Tracie Meredith, Community Arts Officer
Tel: 01785 278571

Jacqueline Greaves
Dance Development Officer
Tel:01785 278647

County and District Arts Development

Every district in Staffordshire has a commitment to arts development. The district arts development officers are interested in nurturing and supporting artistic activity in their geographic areas.

''Please click here for a list of the County's Arts Development Officers|.


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