Volunteering Opportunities

Do you have some free time?  Would you like to contribute to an archive project with lasting benefits for people interested in Staffordshire's history, while also developing your own knowledge and skills?  If so the Archive Service has a range of volunteer projects in progress at each of its three record offices.  If you are interested in participating in one of the projects described below please get in touch with one of our offices.

Specific Projects

Staffordshire Manorial Documents Register Project (completed March 2015)

Our thanks to Sarah Charlton, Project Archivist, and the nine volunteers who assisted her, for the successful completion of this project.  The Staffordshire Manorial Documents Register is now online on the National Archives website.  There is also a research guide.

Staffordshire Name Indexes - www.staffsnameindexes.org.uk

This is a developing online site, which is bringing together indexes of series of name-rich, historical records held by the Archive Service. These include: the calendars of prisoners at Quarter Sessions; wills and inventories; the Staffordshire Police Force registers; and the workhouse admission and discharge registers.  Other very useful indexes have also been donated by individuals who have worked on them over many years.

We are keen to expand the site and need help to do so.  Opportunities to work on indexing different series of historical records are available at Staffordshire Record Office, Lichfield Record Office and Stoke on Trent City Archives.

Staffordshire Tithe Apportionments Indexing Project

Tithe maps and apportionments are a key historical source for local and family historians.  The information contained in the maps and their accompanying schedules, or apportionments, form a unique record of land ownership, occupancy and use in Staffordshire between 1837 and 1850.  One of our volunteer groups is in the process of indexing the many thousands of names which appear in the apportionments.

This work is carried out on Tuesday mornings at Staffordshire Record Office.

PDF Document Temporary Tithe Map Relocation Jan 2014 (PDF, 181kb)

The Big Quarter Sessions Project

If you already have some skill in reading older forms of handwriting, then this project may be for you.  The records of Staffordshire's Quarter Sessions are one of our most detailed archive collections, covering many different aspects of the county's history but unfortunately it is also one of the most difficult to access.  This project aims to ensure that people can find their way into the collection more easily.

This work is carried out at Staffordshire Record Office on Tuesday afternoons.

Staffordshire Communities Research Group

Under the guidance of the editor of the Victoria County History, Dr Nigel Tringham, the group is researching the history of several villages across Staffordshire.  Completed research will be published on the VCH 's "Explore" website.

The Group meets on Friday mornings at Staffordshire Record Office.


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