Housing Support

Having and keeping a stable place to live is important. That stability can allow vulnerable people to focus on what else needs doing to improve their quality of life.

Housing Support services include: 

  • Supported housing for vulnerable people, such as people who face homelessness, have mental health problems or are at risk of domestic abuse.
  • Sheltered and extracare housing for older people.
  • Floating support: where a support worker visits people in their own homes. When the support is no longer needed it ‘floats’ off.
  • Home improvement services: helping identify essential home repairs and adaptations, and find ways to help pay for and arrange the work.
  • Community alarm services, such as lifeline telephones and emergency pull-cord systems.

Information on the services available in Staffordshire can be found on the Staffordshire Marketplace

Housing Support is not just about housing or tenancy issues. The services also work with people to:

  • Claim benefits, reduce debt and find work.
  • Get involved in training or education, or leisure activities.
  • Better manage physical health, mental health or substance misuse problems.
  • Stay safe and avoid being evicted.
  • Improve confidence and have more control over their lives.

In most cases, Housing Support is provided free of charge. In services such as sheltered housing, extracare and community alarms, residents may need to pay a support charge but this can sometimes be subsidized where the person receives Housing Benefit.

To get in touch with the team responsible for commissioning Housing Support services, please contact:

Public Health Improvement and Wellbeing
Staffordshire County Council
Wedgwood Building
Tipping Street
ST16 2DH

Telephone: 01785 278529

Email: prevention@staffordshire.gov.uk

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