Contributions to care

The county council wants to make sure it can sustain good quality care services tailored to individual needs while making the best use of reduced budgets in a way which is fair to everyone.

At the end of 2010 we carried out a public consultation.  We asked Staffordshire's residents for their views on how much people in the county should contribute towards the cost of their care.

Partnerships for Care Policy

As a result of their feedback, and other extensive research, Staffordshire County Council created a new policy called 'Partnerships for Care'.  This new policy started on 8th August 2011, and the changes are being phased in over the three years to minimise their impact on people currently receiving care.

Many users will not be affected by the changes, but if you think you will then our Frequently Asked Questions| page is a good place to start.

By making these changes now we believe we can create stability for the future. This will help us to focus on those who are most in need of support. It will also help us to make sure we continue to invest in a wider range and greater choice of services.

A detailed look at the changes| is available and may help identify how they may effect you.

Further Information

The following pages may also help you.

If you still have a question please call the Partnership for Care helpline number – 0300 111 8009.  You can find alternative contact points in the Contacts channel|

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