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CWF Funding and Timescales

There are two levels of funding:

Up to £1000 - There is a short simple application form, which requires the aim, description of activity, the reason for the request, evidence of bank details and two references.

From £1,001 to £10,000 - There is an application form, with a need to demonstrate in more detail how the project will meet the criteria.

An Application & Guidance Pack has been developed to support organisations in their application: 

Please Note: These leaflets are provided in MS Word & PDF format: MS Word| Acrobat Reader software| is required.   

 £1000 Application Form|  (452 KB)  pdf£1000 Application Form| (366 KB)

 £1001 to £10,000 Application Form| (539 KB)

pdf£1001 to £10,000 Application Form|  (382 KB)

 pdfCommunity Wellbeing Fund Criteria| (363 KB) pdfGuidance Notes| (385 KB)

 pdfOutcomes Glossary|  (377 KB)  pdfRisk Management Checklist|   (364 KB)

 pdfScoring System|  (364 KB)  pdf FAQs|  (351 KB)


There are two opportunities to apply each year:

  • From 1 March with a closing date of 31 May 
  • From 1 September with a closing date of 30 November 

   pdfCWF Timescales| (360 KB)

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