Climate Change

Climate change presents the county council and the Staffordshire public with both challenges and opportunities. By acting now and working together as a county, we can tackle the impacts that could arise, and at the same time benefit from initiatives that save money and protect the environment.

What is the county council doing?

Please go to our Corporate Climate Change Strategy, PDF Document Green Shoots| (1.2 Mb), to see how Staffordshire County Council is reducing its carbon emissions and looking at ways in which residents of Staffordshire can adapt to climate change.

Energy reduction provides a big opportunity for the county council: to reduce our carbon emissions and save money on energy bills. This can be achieved from a range of measures; some are achieved at no cost, such as our schools' PDF Document energy efficiency scheme| (119 Kb), and some require investment, such as installing PDF Document solar PV| (355 Kb) (photovoltaic) and PDF Documentbiomass boilers| (138 Kb). 

We also work on many projects in partnership with Staffordshire’s district and borough councils, universities, emergency services, the Civil Contingencies Unit| and community groups to ensure a county-wide approach to climate change.

What can you do?

Please see our sections on Energy Efficiency and Renewables to see how you could save energy and money. We also have a Links page where you can find out more about climate change and saving energy. Alternatively, please contact us at|.

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