School Closure List

Please note:  Headteachers have access to update the list below in real time, allowing parents to get up to date information on their child's school in the quickest way possible. If your school is not listed below it means that the school's Headteacher has not reported the closure.  It does not necessarily mean the school is open.   


Showing school closures for today - Thursday, 23 October 2014

No school closures have been reported

0 closures shown as at 23 October 2014 11:06  

Sign up for alerts

Sign up for school closure alerts| via text message and email, so that we can notify you immediately when your school informs us of a closure. 

School Term and Holiday Dates

To view term and holiday dates for Staffordshire schools please visit School Terms and Holiday Dates| 

I am a headteacher. How do I close my school?

Please visit the Staffordshire Learning Net| and log in. Once you have logged in from the homepage, a link will appear to the school closures procedure.

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