Admission to primary and middle school

Important dates for applications for September 2015


3 November 2014

Application process opened for all Staffordshire residents. This has now closed.

15 January 2015

Applications closed. All primary and middle school applications to be submitted to the School Admissions and Transport Service. You can make a late application by completing the paper application form|

Spring Term 2015

Applications are processed and information is shared between neighbouring authorities.

16 April 2015

Offer day.   Online applicants will receive an email, and others will have their offer posted 2nd class on this date.


Important points to remember

Listing only one preference does not increase your chance of getting in to that school.

Applying for more than one school does not weaken your chances of getting a place at your preferred school.

Decisions about who to offer places to are made using the admissions criteria only, which other schools you have applied for is unimportant.

All applications to a school are considered at the same time. Priority is not given to those who put the school first.

The order in which you list the schools is only used if you could be offered a place at more than one school. In this case, you would be offered whichever of those schools was highest on your application.

You should list the schools in the order that you would most prefer them, not the order you think you might get them.

You need to make an application even if you have an elder child attending your preferred school. 

There are no results that match your criteria.

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