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School Admissions Service

The school admissions service handles applications for schools in Staffordshire.  In addition we are also responsible for allocating places at maintained nursery settings within the county. 

Top Tasks in Admissions

   Find out about primary and middle admissions|

   Find out about secondary admissions|

   Get advice on choosing a school|

   Find out about nursery admissions|

   Find out about mid-year admissions & transfers|

    Find out about free home to school transport|

Sign up for alerts

You can now sign up for school admissions alerts via email. A new alerts system is now available which includes school admissions, school closures and a wide range of county council services. Sign up for alerts| 

Looking for something else?

If you can't find what you're looking for on this page, please check the left hand panel for further information or try using our search| facility.  Alternatively, you can also contact the admissions team|.     


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