Coroner's Office

The Role of the Coroner 

The role of the Coroner is to make appropriate investigations into those deaths that are reported to him/her. The Coroner seeks to do this as sensitively as possible, but must still ensure that proper inquiries are made. 

In some cases the Coroner will issue a form enabling a death still to be registered as natural through a medical certificate issued by a doctor who has attended the deceased. In other cases the Coroner will direct an autopsy to take place and following the result of this will send a form to the registrar in order for a natural death then to be registered. 

There are also cases (usually unnatural deaths) where a Coroner will direct there to be an Inquest. This is a formal court hearing where the Coroner hears evidence to determine who the deceased is and how, when and where s/he came by his/her death.

Contact us 

The Staffordshire (South) Coroner is Mr Andrew A Haigh. In the absence of the Coroner his work is covered by the Deputy Coroner Mrs Margaret J Jones or by one of the Assistant Deputy Coroners.

The Coroner’s office is at:

Number One Staffordshire Place
ST16 2LP

Tel:    01785 276127
Fax:   01785 276128

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