Energy compensation warning


Posted on Wednesday 17th April 2013

Staffordshire Trading Standards are warning consumers to be wary of businesses offering compensation services in respect of mis-sold energy complaints.

Complaints have been received from consumers who have paid upfront fees to claims management companies to recover compensation on their behalf, only to receive little or no service in return. Officers advise consumers to make any complaints directly to the energy company concerned and, if unsuccessful, to pursue the matter through the Ombudsman Service.

The Ombudsman Service has issued their own warning about such companies: "My simple message to householders is don’t use them", Lewis Shand Smith, Chief Ombudsman has recently said.

The Energy Ombudsman offers a free, independent and easy to use service for anyone who has an unresolved problem with an energy company. There is no need to pay a company to handle the complaint for you. It is untrue to say that most consumers are entitled to compensation so don’t be persuaded that is the case."

The Ombudsman Service can be contacted at| or by telephone on: 0330 440 1624


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