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Trader Register Trader Register

The Staffordshire and Stoke on Trent Trader Register is designed to put Staffordshire residents in touch with traders who are committed to doing a good job at a fair price.

Householders often find it difficult sourcing a reliable builder, plumber or electrician, and for the less mobile it can become a real issue. They risk becoming the victims of doorstep rogues who call at the door and mislead them about the need for property repairs.

The Register exists to help householders find a trader to work on their home or garden. As a reliable trader with a good reputation you can register your business and your details can then be given to local customers in your area who are looking to have work carried out.

Everyone who uses the Trader Register will be sent a copy of our top tips for agreeing home improvement and repair work to help them get it right first time and avoid potential problems.

While traders participating in the scheme are not approved by Trading Standards or any other agency, if there is a problem, members have pledged to work with us to find a solution.

If you are interested in registering your business you can telephone 01785 330888 or visit||| for more information.

Hundreds of traders have already joined the Trader Register. They cover the whole area of Stoke and Staffordshire and include builders, roofers, electricians, plasters, painters and decorators as well as those who specialise in outside work on the garden, driveways and double glazing.

Our aim in launching the scheme is to have enough members to offer all local residents a choice of trader for their home improvement work. And if they aren't enough traders with a certain skill in an area, we will work with local trainers to offer opportunities for young people and others to learn a trade and offer a service.

The Trader Register has been produced by Staffordshire County Council Trading Standards working with a group of partners including Age Concern, Home Improvement Agencies, Citizens Advice Bureaux, Stoke City Council and local District Councils all of whom are committed to supporting Staffordshire residents and businesses.

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