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The tendering for goods and services is handled by Staffordshire Procurement in conjunction with the other directorates of the County Council.

These comprise of Place, Finance and Resources, Strategy and Transformation, Law and Democracy, Communications and People.

Staffordshire Procurement is the central procurement function processing over 100 tenders each year for a number of clients that include Schools, Metropolitan/District Councils, Corporate Offices, Universities/Colleges, Police, Fire and Rescue Service and a large number of charitable organisations.

Staffordshire County Council Contact Points for Tenders and Contracts

When contacting these directorates please mention that you are responding to this web site.

Staffordshire Procurement

Staffordshire Place 2, Stafford, ST16 2DH

Tel: 01785 854657
Fax: 01785 854660

Property Services

Staffordshire Place 1, Stafford ST16 2DH

Iain Macmillan - Head of Maintenance
Tel: 01785 277652

Risk and Compliance                                                                                                                   Pete Potts - Head of Compliance & Asset management
Tel: 01785 277637

Energy Management
Liam Wlash - Head of Energy Management Team
Tel: 01785 277616

Design & Development
John Garner - Head of Design & Development
Tel: 01785 277660

Project Management & Development                                                                                   Steve Brooks - Project Management & Development
Tel: 01785 277601

Sue Mansfield - Project Officer
Tel: 01785 277679
Fax: 01785 277727

Building Design
Ian Bakewell - Head of Building Design Team
Tel: 01785 277664



Staffordshire Place 1, Stafford, ST16 2DH

Point of contact for Tenders and Contracts is the Business Improvement Team:

Road Safety
Adrian Hide - Road Safety Manager
Tel: 01785 854032

Recycling & Waste Management
Mark Parkinson - Group Manager
Tel: 01785 276807


Details are available here on the Community and Social Care Contracts Tel: 01785 277088. All contracts of this type are exempt by the EU from being advertised in Europe and will not feature in the European journal.

Procurement and Quality Team
Tel: 01785 277189

Adult Services - Joint Commissioning Unit, Procurement & Quality Team, Wedgwood Building, Stafford ST16 2DH                                               
Tel: 01785 277419
Fax: 01785 277411

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