What is E-Tendering?

Staffordshire County Council has adopted the PROACTIS eSourcing tool that enables procurement professionals and providers to conduct the strategic activities of the procurement lifecycle over the internet.

Why E-Tendering?

The PROACTIS eSourcing system improves a simple, secure, efficient, transparent and auditable sourcing process, whilst eliminating time and effort for both buyers and suppliers.

PROACTIS eSourcing provides powerful tools to help the buyer develop the supplier request and define the preferred process (or impose the appropriate one), then streamlines the process of publishing the request, engaging with suppliers and evaluating responses.

Four Steps to Participating in E-Tendering

Please complete and review the following steps before beginning the e-tendering process:

1 - Ensure that you have registered through the Expression of Interest registration on the Staffordshire County Council's Procurement website by following this link: Step 1

2 - Check your progress and current status within this process map: Step 2

3 - Supplier Instructions to registration and tender document management: Please read this document before querying any aspect of the electronic tendering process PDF DocumentStep 3 (35 KB)

- If you have already completed steps 1-3 and are confident in the use of PROACTIS then please proceed directly to: PROACTIS E-Tendering system.

Important Points to Remember

Do not leave your response until the last minutes/hours before the deadline (if you experience connection problems you will miss the deadline and your response may be deemed non-compliant and rejected by the buying team). Always upload generic information early to avoid last minute time pressure.

Please ensure that you read and adhere to all the required actions and appropriate deadlines within the documentation and any subsequent communications.

Keep attachments, where possible, to a maximum of 2MB and only attach documents that the Buyer has requested and make sure that they are attached in the correct area.

Use the secure messaging to communicate with the Buyer and seek clarifications - this will give you an audit trail of all discussions/clarifications.

If you have any software queries refer to the online help in the first instance, if you still have an issue, email or phone the relevant Procurement point of contact with a tender reference, a clear description of what the problem is and your contact details (ensure that you have plenty of time for issues to be resolved prior to any deadlines).


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