Licensing and Registration

Staffordshire County Council issues a range of licences, registrations and certificates. On the proceeding pages you can find information on all of these.  Soon you will be able to use an electronic application system for submission and payment online to apply for the licences provided under the EU Services Directive.

Licences Provided Under the EU Services Directive

The following licences/registrations are provided by Staffordshire County Council under the EU Services Directive:

Fees for Licences Provided Under the EU Services Directive

Information on fees| for these type of licences is also available. 

Other Licences Provided by Staffordshire County Council


If you store fireworks, black powder, safety cartridges and detonators you are required to have a current registration. Depending on what type and the quantity of explosive you are storing you may need to register with the Police or the Health and Safety Executive instead of Trading Standards call us on 08453 303 313 or| for more information

Fireworks Sales

If you wish to sell Fireworks all year you will need a licence to do so, as a normal registration only permits you to supply fireworks during limited periods. Call 0300 111 8045 for further information and application details.


You must be registered with the Local Authority if you wish to sell poisons.  Please contact 01785 277827 for further information.

Licences Provided by Other Authorities

For all enquiries relating to other licences please contact the relevant local district or borough council|.

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