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School admissions

For advice on issues relating to your child's admission to primary or secondary school.

School Closures

Information on closed schools in Staffordshire due to unforeseen circumstances.

School Holidays & Term Dates

Information on school holidays and term dates in Staffordshire.

School Meals

View menus, find out about the service we provide, and see how we are promoting a healthy lifestyle to our young customers.

Schools and Colleges

We fund over 400 schools which employ around 6,000 teachers for 120,000 school pupils and about 2,500 pupils in special schools and units.

Search for a school

The school directory is a searchable database of all schools within Staffordshire administered by Staffordshire County Council.

Social care and health

We're responsible for providing social care for children, vulnerable adults and older people, as well as providing services and support for those who care for them.

Social Fund

A new support scheme is now available to support those people that need emergency help during a crisis or need help to live independently after being cared for in residential care.

Special Educational Needs

Staffordshire County Council produces detailed guidelines for mainstream schools to use when assessing a child's special educational needs.

Staffordshire Cares

Staffordshire Cares will be the first contact for people making lifestyle, leisure, social and practical choices as their health circumstances change or are likely to change.

Staffordshire Local Community Fund

Is your community project in need of a funding boost? Your county councillor can help.

Starting or growing your business

Advice and support on starting or growing your business.

Street Cleaning

Please note that street cleaning services are not provided by Staffordshire County Council. However, your local borough or district council will be able to help. Details of each council is provided here...

Street lighting

Well maintained street lighting reduces the risk of accidents at night, improves public safety and helps to reduce the fear of crime.

Street lights map

The interactive map shows the street lights across the whole of the county.

Student Financial Support

Our service has been replaced by the national body Student Finance England. Find out more…

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