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As car ownership continues to grow the pressure on Staffordshire's roads mounts. Find out about parking in the county...

Parking fines

Information about parking fines and how to pay them.

Parks, Picnic Areas and Greenways

Staffordshire's countryside has approximately 6000 acres of Country Parks, Open Spaces and Greenways.


You can pay county council bills 24/7 online or by telephone. Payments can be made by all major credit and debit cards, but we do not accept American Express.

Permissions, licences and agreements

If you are not a statutory undertaker you must apply for licence or permit to work on the highway.


We welcome petitions which are one way for people to let us know their concerns. We will acknowledge all petitions sent or presented to the council within 10 working days of receipt.

Plan your bus journey

There are various options available online to help you plan your bus journeys in and around Staffordshire, including a timetable finder and online journey planner.


We deal with planning applications, policy and regulation to do with minerals and waste development in Staffordshire.

Planning for Housing, Shops, Offices and Industry

For planning advice regarding housing, shops, offices, industry etc please contact your district or borough council...


Find out about procurement in the county council, including information on current tender opportunities.

Public Footpaths and Bridleways

Information about walks, cycling, and equestrian access to public rights of way. Anyone can use public rights of way to legally cross someone else's land.

Public Health and Wellbeing

Staffordshire Public Health will help everyone in Staffordshire live longer, healthier and more fulfilling lives by focusing on preventing ill health and early deaths, as well as protecting people's health in major emergencies.

Public Transport

We work to support, improve and co-ordinate Staffordshire's public transport network. We work with private bus and rail companies, other organisations and user groups to raise standards and make public transport more responsive to local needs.

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