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Behaviour Support

The Behaviour Support Team is part of the Special Educational Needs Support Service. The team works in partnership with schools, pupils, and parent/carers.

Bin Collection

Find out about your kerb side bin collection.

Birth Registration

By law, registering the birth of a new baby must be completed within 42 days of the birth taking place.

Blind and Visually Impaired People

The Sensory Impairment Team provide assessments, care management, advice and help with specialist equipment.

Blue Badges (Parking Concessions for the Disabled)

Blue Badges are for drivers or passengers with severe mobility problems and for those who are registered blind.

Breaks for carers

Whatever your age, and whoever you're caring for, sometimes you just need a breather. A few clear hours to yourself or a good night's sleep can really help to recharge your batteries.

Bus passes

Bus passes are available for older or disabled residents as well as for residents under twenty.

Bus Passes for Older or Disabled Residents

Information on free bus passes for older and disabled residents.

Bus Passes for Under Twenties

Information about the under twenties bus pass, the Your Staffordshire Card.

Bus timetables

There are various options available online to help you plan your bus journeys in and around Staffordshire, including a timetable finder and online journey planner.


Using the bus instead of the car avoids parking problems and helps reduce congestion on the roads.


Developing and growing Staffordshire's economy is our number one priority. Whether you are starting up or working to grow your business we offer a range of support.

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