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Activities for Children Under 5

Search the 'what's on' calendar for events and activities for children under 5.

Adoption and Fostering

Information about adoption and fostering in Staffordshire.

Adult and Community Learning

Information about adult learning opportunities in Staffordshire.

Adult Social Care

Our aim is to improve the lives of all Staffordshire residents through a range of services, from providing residential care, supporting those with disabilities or helping older people maintain independence.

Animal Health

We carry out activities that maintain a disease free status within Staffordshire and that promote humane treatment of farm livestock.


We offer a range of services to enable you to access the archives that we hold and the information that they contain from a distance. We also offer advice to the owners of archives concerning best practice in the preservation of your records.


Information on arts, galleries and exhibitions in Staffordshire.

Autism and Sensory Support

ASSIST provides post-16 support for people with a sensory impairment and for people who have an autism spectrum disorder.

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